Who Am I?

I’m Nicolas, a French guy living in Tokyo. I’m currently working as an Account Manager for a GAFA company, and have 8 years of experience in the IT industry in Sales and Digital Marketing related positions. I consider myself as a ‘forever student,’ eager to (self)learn new skills and software.

Global Citizen

Besides being a French national with Vietnamese/Chinese and Swiss origins, I’ve been living in Asia since 2006 in Osaka, Suzhou, Shanghai, and Tokyo for the past 8 years. I spent most of my career evolving in multicultural teams and/or dealing with overseas partners and customers. Speaking Japanese and Chinese also definitely help me in my personal and professional life.

Digital Marketing

I’ve experience working in digital marketing in B2B, mainly with IT companies. I also did some freelance projects for smaller companies as well as for some cryptocurrency projects. My bread and butter is Inbound Marketing (with HubSpot) with an emphasis on SEO, Content Strategy and Analytics.


I’ve been taking photographies for decades. First with the Minolta of my parents, then with my own Pentax (film). In recent years, I’ve been taking photography more seriously, and focusing more on street photography and cityscape. I like to capture people, how they interact each other in the urban environment.


This is something I’m just starting out. As for photography, it’ll be requiring me a lot of practice to become “good” at it. While using the same camera as for photography, I feel that video is a totally different beast!

What's Next?

I’m looking do something more creative where I could use more my branding/digital marketing experience with photography and videography. I’m also interested in collaborating with other photographers/models/freelancers in Asia.