Shibuya Street Photography #1 | Nikon Z6 (Pics + Video)
Shibuya street photography Nikon Z6 Umbrellas

Shibuya Street Photography #1 | Nikon Z6 (Pics + Video)

Improvised Street Photography Shoot in Shibuya

Last Friday, I was planning to take my Nikon Z6 for a spin in Kabukicho at night as I knew it would be raining. I also wanted to see how the Nikon Z6 would manage high ISOs.

But at lunch, seeing all the umbrellas outside, I grabbed something to eat quickly and went to Shibuya for a quick street photography session.

I knew I would only have 20 minutes to shoot but sometime, I feel that having some limits (even self-imposed) can help to bring up creativity. It also forces you to be more aware about your environment.

So, after 10 minutes of train, I arrived in Shibuya. After attaching my DJI Osmo Action to my bag strap, I rushed in the rain to try to shoot something interesting.

I was holding an umbrella in my left hand, but this was able to operate the Nikon Z6 only with my right hand! Also, thanks to the IBIS, most of my shot were sharp. While not as fast as the Sony A7III, the autofocus is totally usable for street photography (ah those YouTube conspiracy videos…).

So far, I’m happy about the pics I’m getting with the Nikon Z6 and the Nikon NIKKOR 35mm and 85mm f1.8 S (my favorite focal length). I’m curious to try the NIKKOR 50mm f1.8 s as some reviewer says that this lens is way sharper than the 35/85mm.

I didn’t get any bangers, but it was still worth going there. Here are some keepers from this session. Keep in mind that I resized and heavily compressed them to not slow down the page loading.

Gear Used


  • Camera: Nikon Z6
  • Lens: NIKKOR 85mm f1.8 S
  • DJI Osmo Action (for the POV video)


Shibuya Street Photography | Nikon Z6 Photogallery

Shibuya POV Street Photography 20 min Video | Nikon Z6

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